You don't need to add an air compressor, just plumb right into the trucks exhaust. Not only is your bed quickly and effortlessly inflated but it's nice and toasty too!
» 3/28/15 1:43am Saturday 1:43am

My Puffalump has several friends, apparently: there are several bears like this that pop up in DTM, WEC and V8 Supercar marshal stands from time to time.

» 3/24/15 11:25pm 3/24/15 11:25pm

You missed one of California's other major exports... Wine! Grapes are absurdly thirsty and now cover large swaths of land that used to be either dry farmed wheat or completely native. Plus, finished wine is mostly water, a lot of which now heads out of state. » 3/18/15 1:10am 3/18/15 1:10am

You may be right... outside the US. To the people inside the US, it meant everything. It arguably did more to inspire a whole new generation of scientists and engineers than any event in the US. » 3/16/15 10:18pm 3/16/15 10:18pm

This would be as good of a place as any to spread thanks to the awesome people that research these genes. Their efforts came up with a treatment that is currently helping my Dad fight skin cancer. He's taking a hedgehog pathway inhibitor (?) and the results have his doctors (and me!) happy and excited! Thank you all,… » 3/16/15 9:41pm 3/16/15 9:41pm

There are some weird people that crave the thrill of acceleration, sometimes no matter the cost. There are also some equally weird people that enjoy watching or being near the internal combustion equivalent of a thermonuclear bomb. I'm both. » 3/14/15 5:25pm 3/14/15 5:25pm